Monday, May 16, 2011

Rock-a-bye baby

Today has been quite an interesting day.  The baby has been crying his face off.  This is a really strange phenomenon for him.  It fascinates me how he can be sooooo tired yet not go to sleep.  It all started when he didn't go down for his normal nap today, and went down hill from there.  I tried the pacifier, the boob, the rocking, the cry-it-out method and just about everything else.  It is really grating on my nerves and breaking my heart at the same time.  I tell him, "Mommy wants to make it better" but I know I can't until he gets some shut-eye.    

Meanwhile, I am getting ready for my trip.  Pretty much just trying to get the last things together.  I have sprayed all of the babies cloths, the blanket, and his stroller with permethrin to repell the mosquitos.  I have most of the things I need to take with me piled up in my room.  Its gonna be a nightmare trying to play ring around the rosy with the bags to keep them underweight.  Considering how Fabi has been all day I'm getting a little nervous about having him on 2 planes for more than 8 hours in two days.

So as the countdown continues I pray that the little man decides to cork out for a few.  Grandma will be home from Seattle tonight so I might call on her to make up for some time she lost over the weekend so I can handle my business. 

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